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I think you should realize that the report is more of a political scare report than a scientific report. Just like all the “science” we now hear about climate, it was a report of deception. Read about it here?


Some Main Points:
1. January instead of December temp data was used even though over 80% of the record are collected in December.
3. Report was written Feb 09, but 06-09 data was conveniently left out, because it was well below the trend.
4. January data from 1990-2009, the past 19yrs showed only minimal upward temp trend.
5. January temperatures from 1998-2009 are trending DRAMATICALLY downard!
6. January temperatures from 1953-1979 were dramatically DOWNWARD.
7. 9 of the 12 bird species highlighted in the report are either similar or increasing in count numbers for the period examined. The bird are having no problem.
This report is a perfect example of what has happened to SCIENCE!
The same exact goes for the Global Warming Swindle!

Greg Butcher

Dear Maine Birder, We have state average temperatures from NOAA that go back to 1895 for the 48 contiguous states. We graphed January temperatures from 1967 through 2007. January of 2007 was the warmest of them all. Here in DC we had flowers blooming until January 20 when we had our first winter weather of the season. This year is a lot colder, but will the cold last through February like it used to?

The birds track annual variations in temperature, so in warmer winters they are found farther north and in colder winters they are found farther south. In states that warmed the most, the birds moved the most. We have several other correlations like this that demonstrate that birds are moving in response to temperature.

Our study found that birds respond to winter temperatures and that has probably always been true. Our concern about the future is the prediction by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that global warming will continue into the future unless we curb greenhouse gases. This is a consensus document by the best climate scientists on the planet. They may be wrong, but my money's with them.


If these numbers of birds are moving north because of global warming, why haven't they moved back towards the south since temperatures have cooled considerably in the last few years?

For more than 7500 of the last 10000 years, temperatures have been higher than today. Did the birds make this shift during these years? The last 7 years alone have been cooler than the period of "warmth" during the 1990's and early 2000.

I am just trying to understand why this movement is linked to global warming. Maybe the birds are just evolving.

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