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Mark Klym

Sherri makes a very valid point. I have yet to see any credible reason why this bird should be condemned to a life in a cage.


Wild birds should be left in the wild. I agree with Sheri's comments above.

Sheri Williamson

"Legacy" is a morbidly apt word, since it implies a post-mortem contribution. If this bird is permanently incarcerated in the Brookfield Zoo, it might as well be dead and stuffed as it will never have the opportunity to be more than a curiosity for human entertainment.

The people who made this decision did so with a flawed understanding of the instincts that drive such events and contrary to the advice of hummingbird experts and modern zoo acquisition policies. But it's not too late to free the mango and send him to suitable habitat in Texas. If you feel as I do that this bird deserves a second chance, let the Wisconsin Humane Society and Brookfield Zoo know that relocation is a more humane and ethical choice than permanent captivity.

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