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I live in Los Angeles, and my courtyard used to a symphony of bird song most of the year around. It's full of tall leafy trees, and the birds loved it. My mother stayed here in December 2000 and remembers waking up to the dawn chorus. Now there is barely a chirp. SOMETHING is up.

Beverly S

From Dec. through Feb. I had a pair of sparrows. The male would sit atop the hedge of azaleas and sun himself. I saw the other sparrow (female) only occasionally. Suddenly two cardinals have begun to construct a nest and the sweet sparrows are gone. I miss that male sparrow; he sat quietly as I walked down and back up the driveway to get my mail.

Matt Mendenhall

Sylvia, Marcia, Linda, and Bee:
Thanks for writing. Your experiences made me wonder if others are reporting a lack of feeder birds, and in fact, many people have. Marj Rines, a well-known Massachusetts birder, wrote on the state's listserv that every fall, lots of people say their feeders are empty. "This fall has been exceptional," she writes. "For the past six weeks we have gotten hundreds of calls and emails about this." Mass Audubon checked with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and indeed, reports of fewer feeder birds are widespread. "They explained that there is a particularly good food crop out there, and birds are taking advantage of it," Marj wrote. A news report from the Boston Globe confirms this: http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/green/greenblog/2009/09/where_have_the_birds_gone.html

So while it's disappointing that the birds aren't around right now, give them a little time. They'll be back.

Bee Schoen

It is now one month since my feeder has been used. Even the regular doves and grackles have not come. I miss the bluejays, red-headed woodpeckers, even the cardinals - a pair used to feed together. Other varieties have not come either. Even pigeons have not come. I live on Long Island, NY, and this has never happened before. Will the birds ever return???

Linda Brooks

We live in a wooded suburb 15 miles west of Boston. We LOVE our birds and feed them only the best. We sometimes would give the "regulars" names. It is October 7, 2009 and for at least 3 weeks, ALL the birds and even more odd, all the squirrels just disappeared. This has never happened in the 27 years we've lived in this house. So sad to not hear any bird songs! What is going on??? We were starting to take it personally until we found this article and blog. Thank You!

Marcia Hall

Same here, we have been feeding the birds at our home for over 28 years and never gone a day without our feeders being crowded. Overnight we have not had a single bird to our feeders in over 2 weeks now. No songs in the air and frieds are reporting the same. What's up? We miss them! (New Hampshir)

Sylvia Binnersley

I live on Vancouver Island in Canada's west coast and all the birds are gone from here too and it is mid Aug. when all the little birds are usually here.


My grandmother and I always have a thistle feeder out for the finches. Ever so often we run out of food for a few days, but they always come back. This time, it has been almost a week and they haven't come back. They go through 3 lbs of food a day. We are completely stunned because they are there all year long. For years now, we have never went this long without a feeder full of finches. We miss them! Those who have had the finches leave for a while, do they usually come back?

Jean  Hutchinson

miss all the beautiful birds we used to see all winter. Cardinals white capped chicadees all kindes i even bought bird books to see for sure what kind they were. Now this winter we havent seen more than 5 birds. what could possiabley could have happened to them. still got the same feeders and food out for them Please come back little birdies.


We have been feeding goldfinches and cardinals and many other birds for years. Putting out 25 # of seed and thistle per week if not more. We filled our feeders and went away for a week and came home to FULL feeders! We are in NW Ga. and usually have them here all year long. What has happened ?
Any others experienced this?


Thank you for the information. Our finches, who normally fill our backyard year-round, have disappeared suddenly. A neighbor's calico cat was spotted in our yard (with feathers in his mouth), so perhaps his lurking chased away our large population of gold finches.


Thank you for the info on birds suddenly disappearing. I do not know my cause still however but at least I know it probably isn't me:) I have been feeding bird and other woodland critters at the same spot same feed for well over 10 years year round and have perfect habitat for them to do all that they they need and want but then overnight with feeders full gone.... nothing not even at the suiet. Squirrel varities but that is it for close to 3 weeks now, I never new how many times I paused and watch tem till they are no longer out there. Hope they return soon. If any one has any advise or has happened to them too please let me know. thanks

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