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Matt Mendenhall

Hi Margo. According to the latest data available through Google Earth, the bird arrived on the southwestern shore of Virago Sound on or shortly before September 15. Since then, it has been hanging around in that area and near a couple of small islands about 15 km to the northeast. Its transmitter appears to give a reading every 4-5 days, and it was last recorded on Sunday, October 7, off the coast of one of the islands. I'll email a map to you. — Matt

Margo Hearne

Hello, I live in Masset and do bird surveys along the north coast of Graham Island. Any idea when the BLOY landed on the north coast here, or where? Yakan Point? Wiah Point? They nest on some of the beaches here also and their wintering numbers seem to be increasing in the past few years. Any info would be helpful. Sincerely, Margo Hearne, Masset, BC VOT IMO

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