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Louis Bevier, a well-known birder, has performed an analysis similar to that of Collinson, and reaching similar conclusions, available here:

David McCauley

It simply astounds me that there is STILL so much focus on the IBW issue. What a shame that the brilliant minds in the birding world can´t focus on some real issues.
I have a suggestion, focus the same amount of time and money spent on the IBW project(and all the hype assoicated with) on unregulated pesticide use or the loss of habitat in
Latin America.
This is something real and it effects over 100 species of North American neo-tropical migrants. Just an idea.
David McCauley
Tlacotalpan, Veracruz Mexico


What credible data, at this point, is left to back up the conclusion of the original 2005 paper in Science:
that the Ivory-bill persists in continental North America?

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